Trying to be more disciplined

I’m trying really hard to follow a stricter writing schedule. That means, in part, that I’m going to spit out a blog post once a week even if I have absolutely nothing of any substance to offer to the writing world.  haha.

Thankfully, this week, I have writing news.

I received my book back from the beta reader. In the name of full disclosure, the beta reader is a friend of mine. We met in college (both of us a little bit older than your average age college ladies, but that’s all I’m going to say about that) and we were both in the writing program.

I absolutely trust her with my “baby”, but I was still nervous handing it over.  I mean, I wanted…needed constructive criticism, but yet, part of me truly didn’t want it.  lol.

I know I had already had another friend with a writing background read it, but she had already been tuned into the story.  She had read parts of it during the construction, she was well acquainted with the dreams that drove this story in the beginning. My story was almost like a little sister who followed us around everywhere we went.

With my other writing friend, it was a completely new story…no preconceived notions, no bits of it that she had already read, no idea where it was all going. That was a little scarier – like letting a random stranger stay at your house and babysit your cat while you go on vacation scary. Who knew if kitty would still be there when you got home (or if your TV would be either, for that matter). Will your baby be returned to you unharmed?

OK…I’m overreacting. It wasn’t near that intimidating…maybe more like letting a new stylist cut your hair scary.hairdresser-1019806_960_720

In any event, she has offered me many helpful grammatical type corrections as well as questions that will make me think a little bit more about certain scenes. What can I do to make them stronger?

My first friend helped me to complete the story of my character’s life. She got me to think past the action of the book to where the character goes from there. My second friend is getting me back in the story to fine tune. Between the two of them, I already have a more complete work than I started with. And isn’t that the point of it all?

Now I just need to get on with the edits ~ Round Two! Or is it Round Three now?  Wait…Round Four?



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