Writing hiatus

Since the hurricane, I’ve been a little AWOL, I know. It’s been a little bit about the holidays and a little bit that I think I’ve written myself into a corner. Mostly though, it’s been about a 1000 page medical terminology book that I’m right tired of looking at.  I’ve been taking some of my husband’s advice and just trying to bulldoze my way through it. Everything else has taken a back seat. My plan is to finish the book by New Year’s Eve. I have three chapters left. If I do a chapter a week, I can happily float into 2017 having moved on to anatomy & physiology.

The terminology has been daunting, to say the least. I feel overwhelmed and I don’t feel like I’m retaining much of what I’m learning. I haven’t gotten to the “all of a sudden it will click” yet. Certainly, I won’t have to know every single term I’ve learned. If I work in a dermatology office, for example, I won’t need to know what a pulmonary parenchyma is (which is good, because I don’t ~ I can’t even pronounce parenchyma).

On the writing side of things, I’m reading an interesting book on the history of Charleston called, Charleston! Charleston! The History of a Southern City and it’s been a slow read, but terribly interesting as I imagine my characters living on the streets of the author’s pages. It has confirmed my imagination isn’t too far from something that could certainly have happened in the way I’ve described. Knowing this, I’m more confident moving forward that I’m not a complete idiot. This will be a great resource for editing later.

If I ever find my way out of my medical terminology hole. And bring my protagonist’s husband back. When last I visited with them, he had just experienced the end of his hope and walked away from his life. I wasn’t expecting him to leave and so far, he hasn’t asked me to take him back. I’m trying to give him his space. It’s going to be a challenge, because he doesn’t get his hope back. In fact, he dies of diphtheria in a couple of years. But Shhhh! Don’t tell him or he’ll never want to go back.  He must come back. He has some loose ends to tie up…


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