I’ve Actually Done Some Writing Today!

As of today, I have 50 pages written. I felt pretty good about it too, until I realized 50 pages was only 22,179 words. What a let down. I was imagining 50 type written pages turning into about 100 book print pages and thinking, Whew! I’m really getting there now.  And then I checked the word count for this post and thought, that’s it?

my chair

My writing chair today. The pillow is because my back still hurts.

I know that www.nanowrimo.org has their November writing challenge where 50,000 words means you’ve written a book. Crap or not, you’ve completed it. So, I suppose I should be excited to be halfway there?

But still, all the time invested, the trials and tribulations to get my butt into the chair and actually pound out these pages…well, it would be more gratifying if the word count was up there a little further. I don’t know how much further…maybe 30,000?

jack helping

Jack’s chair, while he “helps” Momma write. Seems wrong, doesn’t it?

But then again, I’m only part-way through the story I want to tell and if I had too many words already, I might start to panic that I would end up with some ridiculously huge book and have to spend an inordinate amount of time cutting.

I just stole my chair back from the cat.

Well, actually, he got up and left, so I regained my chair on account of the fact that he was done with it for today.

Same thing, right? As long as I get my chair back.


Word count: 22,179



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3 responses to “I’ve Actually Done Some Writing Today!

  1. You and Jack definitely have got the chair situation mixed up! Jack’s a lucky cat. Kudos for the words you got down anyway


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