Confession of a Moody Writer

I learned something new about myself and my writing habits over the last few weeks.

I’m a moody writer. That doesn’t mean drama and sudden mood swings are necessary for me to create my best work. Nope, because that would be too easy. If a little bit of drama was all it took to glue my butt to my writing chair, I could have written my books YEARS ago.

When I’m moody, I don’t write. At all. Nothing. Not even a shopping list. My butt doesn’t even see the writing chair.

And there’s been a lot of mood going around lately.

It’s mostly stress I bring on myself – working full-time and going to school can be a challenge by itself. Add to that my grandpa leaving this world. And my friend’s cousin. And another friend’s dad. I’m also terrified about the state of our country, no matter who wins the upcoming election.  We now have feral kittens living in our backyard and I worry about their fate. I want to save them, but they won’t let us near them. There’s been so much floating around in my head that my characters can’t get a word in edgewise. My brain has curled up in a fetal position in the back of my head and it refuses to get involved in my life.

Even if my butt does hit the writing chair, I’m not able to focus on much more than the view out my window.

It’s a nice view, but still….



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