Writing Schedule Mastered

I think I’ve come up with a writing plan that fits comfortably into my day along with my school plan. I’ve given up my gym time in the morning before work. Actually, I gave that up over three months ago because the construction at my job took away the spare bathroom. But, instead of sleeping later or spending my writing time at home acting as referee for feline skirmishes, I’m using the quiet time at work to get words on paper.

So far, it’s working out well. I only missed one day last week because I wasn’t feeling well and I came to work and took a nap before we opened instead. It’s easier than it sounds. Most of the old apartment is still there, so it’s not like sleeping at my desk.

Writing in the morning means I can spend the evening studying when I get home from work. The two days a week I’m off work, I take off from both school and writing. This way I can recharge and not get sick of either activity, but I can also spend those days working on scrapbooking, running errands and relaxing in front of the TV.

AND, you won’t believe it ~ today I found the research materials I lost! They were in an accordion file, right in my desk drawer. Quite literally, right under my nose the whole time. Of course, I would NEVER think to look in the most obvious place. Ha!

So, considering the fact that I’m at work and my computer battery is almost dead (of course, I didn’t bring the plug), I’m having a pretty good Monday.



WORD COUNT: 18,639


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