Summer Reading List

If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you’ve probably been told that in order to be successful writers, we must also be readers. I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Kayla Blogs, to make a summer reading list. She’s aiming for twelve books and I’d like to hit a similar number.

I buy books all the time and I’ve amassed quite a stack of books to be read. (The shelves are stacked two deep.) I’ve found myself skipping titles that I didn’t remember what grabbed my attention in the first place and I’ve tried to develop some kind of discipline to ensure these books get the attention they deserve.


Over the years, I’ve sorted them by copyright date, I’ve sorted them by page count, I’ve sorted them by genre, and I’ve grouped together books by my favorite authors. Right now, they are sorted alphabetically by title. Except for the ones on the floor – those are all new purchases waiting for a shelf to open up so they may join the others.

My interests are pretty varied:

You can see Style and the Successful Girl on the floor pile. I don’t know if I believe that changing my look will change my life, but I’m intrigued enough to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Always you can find books like Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places on my bookshelf. I love supernatural/ghosts and I read as many local haunting stories as I can find.

You will also always find writing books on my book shelf. Books like The Writer’s Retreat Kit means I can keep learning my craft – because finding a writing conference in South Carolina has been tricky.

My summer reading list:

This is, admittedly, an aggressive list of summer reading. Particularly for someone who is also supposed to be writing a book of her own, while working full-time and probably going back to school to make a career change. I have always been that girl who has six pans in the fire, running around like a crazy person. I always have high expectations for myself.

I better get to reading!



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