Friday Morning Writings

I’m about 4 weeks into my writing every Friday morning plan and it’s working out nicely. I’ve been writing every Friday without fail for about an hour and a half and I look forward to it. Probably because it means I’m not at the gym.

I should probably set myself up to write EVERY morning, but then I’m not getting to the gym at all and my waistline is telling me I really need to focus on getting my 10,000 steps every day. If I give that up and spend even MORE time sitting on my butt, it will be like giving in to my family health maladies; diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. The less weight I’m carrying around the better. And I’m an eater. I could eat non-stop from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night, so off to the gym I go.

But Friday is for my characters. We’re making some pretty good progress. The story is starting to get to the juicy parts. Which is giving me a whole new level of anxiety because instead of it just being about the relationship between the main characters, now I’m adding more of society as a whole. I feel a little more pressure to be true to the times.

Which brings me back to that free-writing I lost when I changed computers. I had a fair amount of research completed and I’d written my reactions to it, along with the dreams that had prompted the research in the first place. Now I can’t find the printed copy and with my desktop computer crashed, I might never be able to get that document back. I’m thinking about plugging the computer in, just to see if perhaps it might have one last gasp left that I can rescue those pages. In the meantime, I’m winging it. What’s a first draft but page after page of winging it anyway, right? I’m probably looking at 4-5 edited drafts before we get to the finish line.

Ugh. I’m probably looking at 4-5 edited drafts before we get to the finish line…or more…


Word count: 15,203


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