Contest for Time in Hemingway’s Studio

I read the Sunday Post and Courier every week. I don’t have the time to read a daily paper and I like to have more detail than a live half hour newscast can offer. On Sunday, I get all the details I crave, sales flyers for the consumer in me, and comics for the kid I sometimes miss in myself.

I rarely read the paper cover to cover, instead skimming the headlines for topics I’m interested in. Usually, I skip the sports section and I never look at the furniture store ads. One of my favorite sections, though, is Arts & Entertainment. Inside its pages, I’ve found new books, like In The Arms of Angels: Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery by Patrick Harwood. Magnolia Cemetery has intrigued me since I moved to Charleston and it’s an incredibly interesting view of history.

This week in the paper, I found something even more incredible ~ a chance to win 10 days of writing time spent in the studio where Ernest Hemingway wrote many of his great works. Ten days in Key West, Florida, writing inside Hemingway’s home studio surrounded by 50 polydactyl  cats? Yes please.

I don’t write much flash fiction, but I’m going for it. I have till March 31. Wish me luck!


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