Posting Activity Shame

For the bloggers out there:

Have you noticed on your stats page, the little monthly calendars that show you on what days you’ve posted? They color in the squares for the days you posted something new. Well, I just noticed this little tidbit and I’m embarrassed. The last two months, I only have 2 colored squares.


I’m so ashamed. I’m certain that’s not the point of this stat, but if wanting to see the calendars full of colorful squares gets me to write more frequently, so be it.

Yes, I’ve been busy with out-of-town guests and by going out-of-town myself for a funeral, but that leaves plenty of other days to write something. All writers are busy. Some are so busy that I feel guilty trying to use that excuse for staying away from my computer, because those busier writers still make time to write.

To be fair to my premise, this blog IS about trying to write my book and the things that get in the way. So, I’m actually working on my blog by NOT working on it. Pretty neat how I spun that to a positive, right? Us procrastinators don’t get that way by accident. We are professionals at trying to do too many things at the same time and ending up doing nothing.

Right now, I have the following projects all started:

  • Two scrapbooks for my two youngest cats
  • Family tree/photographs for my mom’s side of the family
  • I’m reading three books (one on prayer, one to tell me what to be when I grow up, and a biography of Jack Nicholson)
  • Finding crafts I can make with shells I’ve collected on the beach
  • Two journals on different topics
  • Misc. arts and crafts (bookmarks, holiday decor, etc)
  • Writing this blog
  • Writing my book
  • Research activities for writing my book

I can’t bring myself to work on most of these things after working all day because if I spend one more minute staring at the computer I might go insane. Or I have to pull out supplies and spread them out on the table and then put them all away again. Or I need peace and quiet to focus on what I’m reading. I almost always will push things off until my day off from work. But then, the day off comes, and I can’t decide which thing is most important and deserves my attention first. So I sit down on the sofa, flip on the DVR, and get caught up on Once Upon A Time. I have programs on the DVR that have been there so long that Santa appears in most of the commercials.

And let us not forget the cat who requires my undivided attention every minute of every day. The only time I have to myself is when he sleeps. And he only sleeps when I sleep.

I have a powerful muse, but she is easily distracted by shiny objects.

I’m an over-achiever but a completer of nothing. One look at my posting activity proves it.

Must. Do. Better.


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