Summer Vacation….from Writing?

Summer has come once again to Charleston, SC and that means I’ve been distracted from my writing by some good old-fashioned summer fever.

I am a warm weather girl. Always have been. It’s why I relocated from Wisconsin to South Carolina in the first place. I don’t do snow, ice or cold very well. I would rather sweat my face off than freeze to death. Since I was 18 years old, my main goal has always been the same – move south.

This summer is particularly exciting for me because two of my friends from Wisconsin are coming down for visits. The first visit with my friend, Erika, was last week. My husband and I showed her around downtown Charleston, the beaches, Angel Oak, and the Ravenel Bridge. We took her to our favorite restaurants: Poogan’s Porch, Red’s Icehouse and Locklear’s Beach City Grill.

Standing in the pineapple fountain near Charleston Harbor

Standing in the pineapple fountain near Charleston Harbor

Needless to say, there was considerably more chit-chat happening than writing. The closest I came to writing while she was here was when she asked me, “Are you doing any writing?” I told her about the book. In all, the writing portion of our conversation lasted about 10 minutes. In my defense, we haven’t seen each other in about two years, so there was far too much catching up to be done.

In June my friend, Lisa, will be here and I expect a similar amount of non-writing happening.


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