Must Buy New Computer

My computer died.

I know how this looks – like another thinly veiled excuse to not write my book. The funny thing is, I was actually working on my book when the computer crashed!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I printed the pages I’ve written so far to go back through and be sure I’m lining up with my timeline. I had to make a few small adjustments that, as most writers I’m sure can relate, led to bigger adjustments. I was a couple of paragraphs deep in my character arriving in Charleston…a city that sustained heavy damage during the Civil War…and I was adding details about what she was seeing and smelling as the family carriage moved cautiously down the dirt road, moving past buildings so recently burned to the ground they were still smoldering. Smoke billowed in lazy curls towards the heavens and…

And Word crashed.

Image courtesy of Iosphere at

Image courtesy of Iosphere at

I could, literally, type the word “and” then go make myself a sandwich before the letters actually showed up on the screen. The program halted every few minutes to do an emergency restore of my work because “Word is un-responsive.”

I can’t work like this.

The computer was about eight years old, so I knew it was on borrowed time, but we wanted to wait until we had a little extra money before we bought a new one. Sadly, it picked the month my husband is out of work recovering from shoulder surgery to write its last words.

When we got back from Best Buy, I spent the next two days moving photos off the old computer to my Shutterfly account. Of course the computer crashed a couple of times during this process. I suppose I would crash too if I spent my last two days uploading eight years worth of holiday and vacation memories.

In an effort to make my writing more mobile (and give me fewer excuses for not working on the book) we bought a laptop. Now, when my husband wants to watch TV, I can take the book into another room and keep on writing. When I travel back home to see my family, there’s no reason I can’t work on the book. When we take vacations and it rains, I can work on the book in the hotel. It appears I don’t have any excuses anymore.

But I’ll think of something.

Word count: 4563


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  1. Dear Julia Marie,,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, too. Please read my blog for particulars. You are under no obligation to do anything because I selected you for this award. But if you choose to write a post about your receipt of the award, the details are in the blog post above.

    My Blog Received the Liebster Award

    I love your blog,your positive spirit, and your creativity. I am impressed with your love of people.

    Never Give Up

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