Following the historical timeline

For me, the biggest problem writing historical fiction is making sure your story aligns with historical events. For example, my character’s family moves from their plantation into downtown Charleston during the Civil War. My research suggested that most families were leaving downtown while union soldiers occupied the city. A small oversight on my part that I have to acknowledge in some way or do a rewrite.

I also changed the age of a couple of characters.

It seemed it might be a good idea to print what I’ve written so far and match it up with the historical timeline I created to make sure I’m writing a believable story. I’m using a real person as the basis for my character, so I want the story as true to this person’s experiences as possible. I found a few discrepancies and now I have red ink all over the first several pages. Now I need to make the adjustments and pad a few scenes to smooth out the narrative.

Confession: I’ve had an ugly month and it didn’t hurt me to get my head back in the story.


For a while, it looked like Molly had about used up her ninth life. As it turns out, this 17-year-old ball of fur is healthy as a horse. After testing her for everything they could think of, it turned out the old girl had a wicked nasty bladder infection.  My husband had shoulder surgery the end of March so he’s been off work recuperating. On top of all that, I’ve been sick the past two weeks with a cold. Coughing and cold medicine lead to migraine headaches, so there were two migraines mixed in for good measure.

I’m finally feeling like I can focus on something besides closing my eyes and having a nap. Although, looking at the rewriting I need to do is making the sofa look mighty inviting.


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