Writing Resolutions for the Commitment Phobic Writer



Today marks the beginning of a fresh start. Resolutions made last night have not yet forsaken us (after all, we still have the rest of the evening). It’s still a bright and shiny year full of promise.

I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution in many years. By January 15, I’ve blown them all and it ruins the rest of the year for me. That sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? OK…not the whole year, but it disappoints me and it encourages my laziness the rest of the year. I blew it, but no worries – there is always next year!

To keep myself from falling headlong into the same abyss every year, I’ve stopped making resolutions.

That’s not to say I don’t have goals, but I have to trick myself and start them on a random day like Tuesday or March 6. It makes it easier (in my head) to pick it up again in a few days if I screw it up. But if I have to wait until next January 1, this whole new year goes in the toilet almost before it has even begun.

With all that being said, I may have to break my rule about resolutions and make one for writing my book. Maybe instead of writing for 10 minutes each day, I need to set a word count for each week. That way, if I find myself flung into a particularly hideous week, but there’s one good writing day, I can churn out all that week’s words in one sitting.

In the same breath, I don’t want to set myself up for defeat. So, I’m wondering what you think is a realistic weekly word count for someone who can assure you she won’t write every day. Fifteen hundred words a week? That’s about what I would do if I was writing 10 minutes every day. What are your writing goals?

With a little planning, this could be my year!


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