The Anti-writer….Ode to My Annual Winter Cold

It’s early this year. Usually my annual gift from Mother Nature comes closer to Christmas, but this year, my winter cold is here now. I’m pretty annoyed about it too. Not just because being sick sucks, but it started last weekend (on my days off) and this week, I have a four-day weekend.  You know I’m still sick on day two of my long weekend. Mother Nature, you wicked step-mother.

Sure, she looks innocent...

Sure, she looks innocent…

As soon as the sore throat started last Friday, I knew it was going to mess up my week. Instead of writing and working on my 2015 scrapbook calendar, I’m curled up on the sofa watching The Big Bang Theory reruns and blowing my nose. My nose is so red I could give Rudolph a run for his money. He’s lucky I can’t fly.

Five days in, I was still pretty miserable. While I fed the cats, I sneezed 12 times in a row.  Meanwhile all five cats were milling around my feet meowing, concerned only about how long it was taking me to get the food from the can, into the bowl, and onto the floor. The fact that my head was about to explode was of no concern to them. Even Jack, who was just sick himself, had zero compassion and was, in fact, meowing the loudest.

Today is day eight. I’m still blowing my nose and coughing. And napping. As a professional adult napper, illness is when I shine. Write a blog post, have a nap. Eat a dish of ice cream, have a nap. Use the bathroom, have a nap. Throw in a couple of coughing fits and workplace flubs due to sick brain (similar to pregnancy brain) and you have a fairly accurate peek into how my week went down.

It took me three days to write this post. I need to have a nap.



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2 responses to “The Anti-writer….Ode to My Annual Winter Cold

  1. Dear Julie,
    It’s fun to hear all your excuses for not writing.
    I keep wanting to hear you say you’ve written a novel and are submitting it.

    Keep on writing.
    Never Give Up


  2. You know I’ll get there eventually. 🙂


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