Sleeping Beauty Writes in Her Dreams

I miss sleeping. When I was a kid, 10-12 straight hours of sleep was not unusual. I could sleep through the dogs barking at the UPS guy, KISS playing in my brother’s room at ear bleed levels, and my mom standing at the bottom of the stairs screeching at the top of her lungs that I better get up this instant or I would be in a world of hurt when my father got home.

As a 21-year-old freshly minted, card-carrying “adult” who could now legally enter bars I’d been served in since I was 19, my sleep patterns changed. Now, I was lucky to get home from a night out in time to take a shower and get to work on time. Sleep was for suckers. I’m fairly certain I single-handedly kept Tylenol in business till I was 24.

By the time I reached 30, I managed to settle into a compromise between the two extremes. I became the poster child for getting 8 hours of sleep most nights.

And then I turned 40.

Image from What On Earth Catalog. I might just purchase one.

Image from What On Earth Catalog. I might just buy one. Visit them at

It would seem I’ve reverted back to ‘sleep is for suckers’ but without all the fun. It feels more like the universe is laughing at me while I try to get through my day on 4 hours of sleep in a body that is no longer up to the task. Now I have arthritis, migraine headaches and the drooping of things that I didn’t realize could droop. I’m officially too old for this crap.

Because of my sleeping conundrum, I’ve started napping.  Yes, I can nap with the best of them.  Give me a half hour between my morning workout and having to go to work and I can squeeze in a 20 minute siesta. Lunch hour?  Takes only 20-30 minutes to prepare and eat lunch.  I can squeeze in another 20 minutes with my eyes closed. Sitting down to read before bed?  I can get through a chapter or two before falling asleep at 9:30.

Problem is, I’ll be awake by midnight and then on and off the rest of the night. Where I used to sleep through a rock concert mixed with a jack hammer right outside my window, now I require complete silence. The automatic ice maker, cats hissing, thunder, my husband snoring…everything I could sleep through years ago is now a major princess and the pea predicament.

And what happens if I’m spending all my spare moments napping? I’m not writing.

My scheduled thirty minutes of writing time is 7:30am. This is after my morning walk and before I need to start my work day. The cats ate their breakfast and have wandered off for their own naps. My husband isn’t around. It’s easier to concentrate with no distractions. The house is peaceful and we all know that peace and quiet is the perfect time for…

…a nap.



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2 responses to “Sleeping Beauty Writes in Her Dreams

  1. Dear Julie,
    You are so funny! Yes, naps are invigorating, unless you sleep into late night when you think you’ve slept through the night and awakened early the next morning before dawn.

    Reward yourself. One good nap for 30 minutes of writing.

    Have Fun!

    Never Give Up


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